mardi 28 janvier 2020

lundi 27 janvier 2020

The stolen watches of the king of Morocco

How is it possible that a sleeping pasha, during the commemoration of the little world before the eyes of the whole world, declares himself commander of the believers, descendant of the prophet, supreme chief of the army, president of the supreme court of justice .. ., gets several watches stolen for 1 million euros, by a cleaning lady! Fortunately he does not have the atomic bomb that one!

samedi 25 janvier 2020

Moroccan politic cartoon

Mohammed 6, #le_roi_stabilisateur du sou-développement d'un pays martyrisé, par l'esclavage de son peuple spolié et opprimé, depuis des générations !
الإستقرار لدى العصابة الملكية يعني التخلف والجهل في ضل الإستبداد والعبودية

jeudi 23 janvier 2020

Summit Berlin Libya

لم يتم آستدعاء #الملك_المفترس إلى #مأثمر_برلين_ليبيا، وبدلك أصبحت العصابة الملكية منبودة في المحافل الدولية، إنها فقط بوادر بداية النهاية !
الصحفي : سيدتي ميركل، لمادا لم يتم آستدعاء ملك المغرب !؟
ميركل : لأنه جشع !
المفترس : يتآمرون دونني لأنهم يحسدونني على ساعتي الرائعة، هه هه الله يكثر حسادنا

mardi 21 janvier 2020

Ali Baba and the 40 thieves

According to the press, the predatory king was recently robbed of precious jewelry by his entourage, in dark circumstances, in his kingdom of darkness, a sordid story that recalls another, from the time of his uncle Abdallah, who had been robbed by a young boy in a hotel room in Casablanca. The city police had been mobilized to rounded up thousands of young people who had suffered the worst moments of their existence, in order to find the watch of the prince descended from the prophet.

Clearly, with this monarchy, the Moroccan people are condemned to live the stories of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves forever.

vendredi 17 janvier 2020

Moroccan Republic Flag

As a republican Moroccan artist exiled in France, "nihilist and dream seller" among others, in the words of a monarch of another age, I allowed myself to design the flag of the future Moroccan Republic, a way of breaking with the emblem of a tyranny, tainted with the blood of millions of Moroccans.

The avant-garde flag that I propose symbolizes a new era with its colors of hope, freedom and openness in order to write a new page that will put an end to a sad dictatorship.

It has been said that "Utopia is a mirage that no one has ever reached, but without which no caravan would ever have left".

Long live the republics, and long live freedom.

Abdellatif Zeraïdi

lundi 13 janvier 2020

Rallye Paris-Dakar

Abdellatif Zeraïdi est à : Maroc.
9 h

Royalists more than the king

While the despot himself had recognized the failure of his development polic, French royalists more than the king, still refuse to see the sad reality in front!
Des royalistes plus que le roi
Alors que le despote lui même avait reconnu l'échec de sa politique de développement, des royalistes plus que le roi, refusent toujours de voir la triste réalité en face !
بينما آعترف #الملك_المفترس نفسه في إحدى خطاباته الرديئة بفشل سياسته التنموية كما هو في علم الجميع، لا زالت هناك لوبيات فرنسية تُمجد لهده الملكية الساقطة في منابر مأجورة كما ورد مأخراً في كتاب تحت عنوان : " محمد السادس أو الملكية البعيدة الرئية " لشارل سانت بروت