jeudi 30 avril 2020

Torture in Morocco

These drawings, which represent unbearable scenes personally attended by the executioner Abdellatif Hamouchi, decorated by France and Spain, with his right arm Abdelhak El Khayem, I made them following the testimony and at the request of the victim, Mohammed Dihani, a Sahrawi activist who was arrested and tortured at the sinister clandestine center of Témara, whose existence Mohammed 6 still denies, as his father Hassan 2 did with that of Tazmamert, among others ...

التعديب في أبو مُغريب
كل التضامن مع #الشعب_الصحراوي وقضيته العادلة٠
تحيى #الجمهورية_المغربية ولتسقط العصابة الملكية الخائنة٠
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