vendredi 26 juillet 2019

Mohammed 6, the gravedigger king

In 20 years of undivided rule, the king of the poor became the gravedigger king

It is very difficult to count the balance sheet of a monarch for 20 years of abominable dictatorship, however, according to recent revelations from a Spanish newspaper, the fortune of the predator is estimated at more than 5 000 million euros, 600 luxury cars, as for jewels and watches to 1 million euros, it does not count, it is a real barracks of Ali Baba.
The despot also has a dozen palaces in Morocco alone, and they are all real cities with clinics, schools, sports clubs, swimming pools, golf courses, prisons and even cemeteries whose pits The villages are inhabited by missing persons, for example women who have been snatched from their husbands in the mountains of the High Atlas for the pleasure of his father Hassan II and who will never see their families even dead, they are buried there.
In each palace, there are not less than a thousand people working there, fed and housed, cared for and paid to the detriment of an oppressed people, the fees are calculated at one million euros per day for each palace, and while Moroccans starve and eat in garbage cans, dozens of tons of food are destroyed daily, because divine meals are forbidden to humans, yet they are prepared in all 12 palaces of the kingdom, even if the tyrant does not he never comes there, moreover he is most of the time abroad, practicing his night passion in the gay clubs of Amsterdam among others, when he is not in his castle of Betz, in France, which is a blessing for the town hall as for the villagers. The dictator even
stated that its priority is to guarantee them full employment, each year an airliner (Air France) is reserved to transport (return) the children of the village on luxury holidays in Morocco, all expenses included: 5-star hotels , catering, travel and even pocket money, 500 euros per child while the children of the High Atlas die of cold or a simple fever, not to mention the 9 million poor Moroccans living on less than one euro per day it is a revolting indecency, quite simply.
While the commander of the believers forbids his followers to open a simple bank account abroad or to release their own money from the country, his secret accounts in tax havens are everywhere in the world! For his hundreds of rises in the sky a month, accompanied by 300 servants, the descendant of the "prophet" does not use less than 4 airliners full of furniture, cars and many other things, ...
During a stay of a few days in a hotel in Amsterdam, he had to destroy walls to penetrate his private furniture, and the work naturally made the happiness of the boss of the hotel on the misfortune of a stolen people. And while "our friend the king" receives his civilized Western guests to play golf and bathe in the swimming pools of his palaces of one thousand and one nights, people are beaten up because they claim water to drink while others languish in his inhuman jails, sentenced to centuries of imprisonment for demanding a hospital or university, while he donates two million euros for the reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris and buys another yacht of 95 millions of euros while Moroccan women give birth on the sidewalks and men devoured alive by disgusting worms in dying houses that look more like pigsty than hospitals ...
If the horrible prison of Tazmamart, of which Caligula II has always denied existence, has been closed, dozens have replaced it everywhere in the country, which itself is nothing but a gigantic galleys Alawites have never been able to do anything else, apart from building mosques and prisons, that of Tamara, where the terrifying cries of the tortured at the bottom of the earth have broken the concrete, the heart of the miserable executioners, like that of their master is now dead, in the image of the human conscience.
I often hear some politicians who tirelessly repeat the famous phrase of Michel Rocard "France can not accommodate all the misery of the world ...", certainly not, but it can at least stop welcoming those who sow!

In 20 years of undivided reign, the king of the poor became the gravedigger king devoid of all humanity. Einstein had said that human stupidity has no limit, but it has a face.

Abdellatif Zeraïdi
Mulhouse, the 20/07/2019

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