vendredi 26 juillet 2019

The Moroccan monarchy

The record of the king of the poor, 20 years later

The dictator is soon celebrating his 20 years of reign, a reign without sharing, according to the tradition of his ancestors. It is obvious that nothing has changed in the Alawite open air prison, his subjects now only dream of one thing, cross the Mediterranean which has become a cemetery, the two dark decades of his arrival in power have not that aggravating the situation and the despot himself had acknowledged the facts in one of his hollow speeches, just to make fun of his slaves, by questioning them about the vanished wealth of the nation while he continues to transfer it into tax havens all over the world, where he builds his huge and shameless projects. His extravagant whims have no limit, commander of the believers and homosexual at the same time, an obscene insult to faith, but the Alawite kingdom has always been a haven for pedophiles and perverts of all kinds, they are even decorated royally. Indeed, the monarchy has hardly changed, moreover some French politician had said that: "Morocco is a mistress that we do not like too much, but we must protect it" which explains why any attempt to change is a lost cause, the harem well padlocked since the time of Caligula II, died thank God, the crimes and the political assassinations are of topicality, the disappearances, the shootings in earth or sea, the suicides true and false, the centuries of prison for those daring to say no, in short, a Morocco as we have known since the dawn of time: an absolute hell for Moroccans and a fascinating paradise for traitors and foreigners on the border of Europe! And when I read, for example, a certain report from the magazine "the point" devoted to the despot's record in describing his monarchy as "a new power of Africa", when I hear a veteran political journalist of "Mediapart" say at the festival of "human rights" in Essaouira that the convictions of the Rif were "a little exaggerated!" ... Frankly, as a Moroccan exile in France, I think I did not leave the hostel .

Mahatma Ghandi said: "Whoever wants to serve, will not waste a single second
his personal comfort, "the king of" selfies "meanwhile, is offered a watch to a million euros, because its seconds are counted!
Long live the people, and long live the Moroccan Republic

Abdellatif Zeraïdi
Mulhouse (France) the 13/07/2019

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